Health Resources

This list of health care professionals who provide services to the Sacramento and surrounding area gender community is solely for informational purposes and does not constitute any endorsement or guarantee.
The WPATH Standards of Care (
The WPATH Standards of Care represent the recognized consensus of expert health professionals that provides evidence based clinical guidelines for eligibility and readiness criteria and a client-centered professional team model for safe delivery of gender related health services.  The gender therapist is a mental health professional (social worker, counselor, MFT, sexologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist) who is knowledgeable in diagnosis and care of gender issues.  The therapist provides the referral to the medical doctor for prescription and supervision of medical treatments.  For surgical treatments the standards recommend referral by two mental health professionals, one of whom has a doctoral degree (PhD or MD).  Care should be individualized and adapted to the needs and circumstances of each individual.

Identity Document Correction
Procedures for correction of California identity documents are found at
Correction of California ID or driver's license requires the DMV Form DL329 completed and signed by a medical doctor or MD psychiatrist.
California court instructions for correction of name and/or gender are posted on
A Physician Declaration on Form NC-310 is one requirement for a court ordered correction of Gender on California Birth Certificate.
The procedure for correction of gender on a U.S. Passport is found at
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